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Find Your Place with Us

As a loving member of St. Stephen Baptist Church, you will soon experience the power of healing through service. Our ministries offer different opportunities for members to give back to the community in honor of Our Savior, who sacrificed so much for us. St. Stephen Baptist Church has a ministry fit for you, whatever your age and stage of life. Read on to find out more!


HD's (High Definition) mission is to praise and glorify God, learn and apply God's Word to our lives in all situations; foster and develop a strong prayer life; to address the needs of youth; to develop the next generation of leaders; to provide a real experience with God through sound, bible-based teaching in a fun and safe environment; to convey the message of Christ Jesus in a relevant and effective way; to be role models and offer support inside and outside of the church; to encourage "youth" to do the "ministry" in "youth ministry"; to be a ministry of positive influence that will help provide guidance and direction towards youth finding and understanding their purpose and destiny.


AIM's (Anointed, Intentional and Mighty) mission is to praise and glorify God, learn and apply God's Word to our lives in all situations, foster or develop a strong prayer life, address the needs of young adults-both naturally and spiritually, to provide an open forum where young adults can meet regularly to discuss the various spiritual issues our age group faces; to provide support, fellowship and encouragement as we strive to participate in God's work; to motivate one another to maintain our walk of faith and continue to glorify God in all that we do; to help young adults discover and develop their spiritual gifts; to be a ministry of positive influence, reconciliation and support that will help provide guidance and direction towards young adults finding and understanding their purpose and destiny.


The purpose of the SSM is to help enrich the spiritual, physical, and social well- being of our senior members, age 55 and older with services provided by our church volunteers.  

Please call the Church office to make an appointment.


We offer congregants of all ages a chance to give back by joining one of our church choirs. Our choirs are as follows:

  • Joyful Noiz (Youth Choir)

  • Abundant Life (Young Adult Choir)

  • Ecclesiastes (55+ Choir)

  • Male Chorus


"Let all things be done decently and order" ( I Corinthians 14:40).

As ushers, it is our goal to meet and extend greetings with a pleasant smile to all visitors that enter through our doors.  The ushers strive to be an intricate part of the worship services by assisting the pastor as needed and taking care of the needs of the congregation.  We also strive to maintain a comfortable environment for all to praise and worship God without reservation.

Monthly meetings every 2nd Tuesday at 6 pm.

"For a day in thy courts is better than a thousand.  I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness (Psalm 84:10).


This ministry was organized to provide food to the people in our community who are in need and who are experiencing some type of hardship.

Citi Care is open on Thursdays from 10 am to 2 pm.  Please call the Church office to make an appointment.


This is a Praise Dance Ministry established for the youth as an outlet to give God praise.  There is no age limit and you must be willing to give all that you have to God.  The youth learn more than to just praise God through dance, they also learn why they praise the Lord Jesus Christ.  We invite all youth who are interested.

Meeting time: Every Wednesday at 7:45 pm to 8:15 pm.


The mission of the Deacons is to glorify God by assisting the Pastor and faithfully serving God's Congregation through caring for the operational aspects of the church, that the elders may devote themselves to prayer and the ministry of the Word of God.  The Deacons are appointed to serve the Congregation at St. Stephen Baptist Church in Christ-like love, integrity and humility. (Acts 6:1-7; 1 Timothy 3:8-13).

Meeting time:  Wednesday before the 3rd Sunday of each month at 6:00 pm.

Ministries: Ministries
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